5 Reasons Microneedling Is So Beneficial for Your Skin

Microneedling is a safe and beneficial skin treatment that can address a variety of skin flaws that age you. Lisa Hitchins, MD understands how aging skin can make you feel and how the environment you live in can take a toll on skin health. That’s why she and her team offer on-site microneedling services customized to your needs. 

The basics of microneedling

Microneedling is a procedure that uses a special tool to create microscopic puncture wounds into the surface of your skin. The Dermatology Center of Northwest Houston staff rely on the precision of the SkinPen® for microneedling procedures. 

The tiny puncture wounds trigger your body’s own healing ability and your immune system produces more growth factors and new collagen to repair damaged skin from the inside out.

To better understand why microneedling is so beneficial, learn more about what this minimally invasive treatment can do for you in just one treatment.

1.Reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles and lines

As you get older, your skin loses its elasticity thanks to a reduction in collagen. This leads to looser skin that forms wrinkles and lines around your mouth, cheeks, and eyes.

Using microneedling techniques, the body increases collagen production. As a result, your skin becomes fuller and firmer, smoothing out wrinkles and lines and giving you a younger-looking, healthier appearance.

2. Boosts overall skin health

In addition to improving the overall look of your skin, microneedling also increases your overall skin health. Your immune system repairs the damaged skin by increasing blood circulation in the area.

More blood means your skin is receiving additional oxygen and nutrients that it needs to remain healthy. Better blood circulation also improves your skin texture and tone, helping your skin look fresh and vibrant.

3. Makes pores appear smaller

Renewed collagen production aids in shrinking your pores, making them unnoticeable. As new collagen develops in and around your pores, skin becomes plumper and large pores are minimized.

4. Minimizes visible scars from acne or injury

If you have leftover scars from teenage acne or noticeable scars from a previous injury, microneedling is a great alternative for reducing their visibility.

Using the SkinPen microneedling tool over existing scars can break down the skin fibers that make up the scar. The boost of collagen production also works to reduce the severity of scars, leaving your skin smooth and firm.

5. Treats sun damaged and discolored skin

Skin that’s damaged by the sun or marked with areas of discoloration can benefit from microneedling procedures. New collagen improves the tone and texture of your skin, reversing visible signs of skin damage.

Over time, age and sunspots begin fading away and your skin looks younger and more vibrant. Microneedling can even be used to treat melasma, a skin condition caused by excess skin pigments in areas of the skin that give you blotchy patches of dark-colored skin.

Professional microneedling for your skin

Dr. Hitchins and her team ensure your comfort and safety during your microneedling procedure. After a thorough skin evaluation, they can determine if microneedling Is the right treatment option for improving your skin’s health and appearance.

Following your treatment, the aesthetic team can recommend high-quality skin care products to provide additional nourishment to your skin, including Skinfuse®, a product especially formulated for supporting the rebuilding of healthy skin after microneedling treatments.

To schedule your microneedling evaluation, call Dermatology of Northwest Houston today or request an appointment conveniently online now. 

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