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Are you tired of the time-intensive and costly routine of removing unwanted body hair through shaving, waxing, and other traditional means? Lisa Hitchins, MD, and her aesthetic team at Dermatology Center of Northwest Houston in Cypress, Texas, expertly and permanently remove your unwanted hair with the gold standard Lumenis Light Sheer® Duet™ laser. When you’re ready for smooth, hair-free skin and you live in the Cypress and Houston areas, meet with the aesthetic experts at Dermatology Center by booking an appointment online or by calling the friendly staff.

Laser Hair Removal Q & A

Why do I have excess hair?

The majority of women, men, and even children have hair on most parts of their bodies, excluding a few areas, such as the soles of the feet and palms of the hand. Your hair may be so fine and light that it’s barely visible. Or, it could be dark, coarse, and highly visible.

How much hair you have, its thickness, and degree of coarseness depend on your genetics and your levels of the hormone androgen. Men have higher androgen levels and therefore are hairier and have coarser hair than women do.

If you have hormonal imbalances, they can cause you to be hairier than average. Taking steroids and other drugs can also cause the growth of excessive hair.

How can I remove unwanted hair?

Our expert aesthetician at Dermatology Center of Northwest Houston, removes your unwanted body hair permanently with the innovative LightSheer Duet laser. In a series of at least six pain-free, five- to 15-minute sessions that don’t require messy numbing gels or creams, she creates hair-free zones in a variety of areas, including:

  • Bikini
  • Underarms
  • Legs
  • Back
  • Shoulders

What happens during a laser hair-removal session?

Laser hair removal with LightSheer is comfortable and relaxing. You may feel a slight stinging sensation. The laser targets the hair only. It doesn’t affect your skin at all.

Our aesthetician chooses one of two handpieces to treat your hairs. She uses high-speed, vacuum-assisted technology for larger areas and ChillTip™ Sapphire integrated cooling for more delicate areas. She also adjusts the wavelengths of the lasers to target your particular hair type and color.

After your treatment, you may have some redness or swelling around the treated follicles. You should be able to return to your daily activities directly after your session.

How many sessions with LightSheer do I need?

The LightSheer laser destroys your hairs in their early growth phases. Because your hairs grow at different rates, you need approximately six sessions with the LightSheer to remove all of your unwanted hair. Any hairs that LightSheer doesn't remove become virtually imperceptible.

When you’re ready to throw out your razors, wax, and depilatories and be hair-free wherever you wish, contact Dermatology Center. You can call the helpful staff, or book a session online.